You could choose a guest room from various types. And you will stay comfortably.
All rooms with heating and cooling, TV, VCR or DVD, Satellite broadcasting, Refrigerator (incl. charged drinks)

Hanare (Detached building)

Ocean Suite

Sea side. You can see the sea from an open-air bath or a living room. This room is liked by the female guest. Because all are gorgeous.

Asian Suite

"Gazebo (roof made from straw)" was imported from Bali Island. This is only your special space.


Star Suite

You could see a starlit sky. The open-air bath exists at the center of the room. And you will sleep comfortably on the bed of big size.

Stone Suite

"Stone Suite" is stylish and is refined. It is the space which can enjoy silence.


Premium room

Premium Wide 20

A capacity is seven persons. Therefore, it is popular with a family. A window is a huge panorama.

Premium Twin Room

The big window which can overlook the Ariake Ocean.

Premium King Bedroom

The window by the side of the sea. And the bed of king size. You will feel the blue sea and a large sky.


Ocean panorama room

The design which Japan and Asia united. You will look at the wonderful scene of the Ariake Ocean from "Hiroen".

Guest room with a bath with a view

You will look at the night view of Shimabara, and the morning glow of Mt. Fugen. The bath with a view is built openly.

Guest room with an open-air bath

This is a guest room with a refined open-air bath. Open-air bath: Hinoki bath, Stone bath, Nagaishi bath